Hippocrat and ResearchHub’s Joint Research on Identifying Medically Underserved Populations and Regions Published on ResearchHub Platform

New York, NY – June 19, 2024 – (SeaPRwire) – Hippocrat, a WEB3 health data network provider, and ResearchHub, an online platform designed to accelerate the pace of scientific research, have announced the publication of their joint research paper on the ResearchHub platform. The study, titled “Identifying Potential Populations And Regions For Effective Telemedicine Interventions,” is a comprehensive report that examines the current state of healthcare access for five underserved populations: rural elderly Puerto Ricans, people in Middle Eastern conflict zones, immigrants in the US, Indians, and Europeans. The study was conducted by two researchers including Maia Adar.

The research, funded by Hippocrat and ResearchHub, aimed to identify potential populations and regions where Hippocrat’s telemedicine application ‘Hippdoc’ could be effectively deployed to bridge the healthcare accessibility gap. The study found that telemedicine has the potential to help many of these populations, particularly those with better access to internet and video calling technology.

The report highlights the pressing healthcare needs, biggest barriers to access, top diseases and disorders, and the potential for telemedicine to improve healthcare outcomes for each population. Common issues identified include diabetes, infectious diseases, and mental health disorders.

To better assess telemedicine potential in these areas, the researchers recommend leveraging indirect methods such as key informant interviews, secondary data analysis, and SMS surveys. Building upon the findings of this report, Hippocrat and ResearchHub will now conduct a survey research to further validate the demand for and potential impact of the ‘Hippdoc’ telemedicine application in the identified populations and regions.

“The publication of this joint research paper marks a significant milestone in our efforts to address global healthcare disparities through the power of decentralized healthcare solutions,” stated a representative from Hippocrat. “We are excited to move forward with the survey research and gather more insights that will help us tailor our telemedicine interventions to the specific needs of each community.”

The research paper is now available on the ResearchHub platform, providing valuable insights for healthcare professionals, policymakers, and researchers working towards equitable healthcare access worldwide. Read the full report on https://www.researchhub.com/post/2732/identifying-potential-populations-and-regions-for-effective-telemedicine-interventions

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