Swiss WEB3FEST 2023: The Convergence of Web3 Innovation and Collaboration

The Global Web3 Ecosystem is set to unite under the banner of “Switzerland United”, an 11-day extravaganza, from September 7th-17th 2023, that combines the forces of the NFT Fest Lugano, NFT Lakeside Unconference and the Swiss WEB3FEST.

Key Highlights:

– The Swiss WEB3FEST will be the center of Web3 innovation and collaboration, with over 150 Preeminent speakers, 50+ exhibitors and 80+ captivating topics and side events

– The Swiss WEB3FEST is the Ecosystem Festival of Crypto Valley and Crypto Oasis and is Co-Hosted by Dfinity aka The Internet Computer

– The Conference is also taking place in the Metaverse created by the WEB3FEST Metaverse Partner, Pulse World

ZUG, SWITZERLAND, Aug 28, 2023 – (ACN Newswire via – Amidst the grandeur of the Switzerland United event, the Swiss WEB3FEST 2023 emerges as a focal point of transformative conversations and cutting-edge insights. From September 12th to 17th, in prime locations of Zug and Zurich, this visionary 6-day festival will captivate the imagination of trailblazers, investors, creators, and thought leaders alike.

At the nexus of this extraordinary gathering are two exceptional ecosystems, Crypto Valley and the Crypto Oasis. The Swiss WEB3FEST serves as a testament to their shared vision of ushering in the future of the internet. Crypto Valley, known for its pioneering role in blockchain and decentralized technologies in Switzerland and Lichtenstein, and the Crypto Oasis in MENA, a thriving hub for innovation, growth and advancement, come together to present an event that encapsulates the essence of Web3.

Web3 encapsulates the upcoming phase of the internet, encompassing a spectrum of cutting-edge technologies including AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Gaming, Sustainability, IoT, Metaverse, NFTs, and beyond.

Ralf Glabischnig, initiator of WEB3FEST, commented: “Our vision for this festival is to combine the exceptional potential of both Crypto Valley and Crypto Oasis. Switzerland is an outstanding location for founders looking to provide a regulatory home for their blockchain and Web3 startups. The Middle East offers a brilliant platform for these startups to scale internationally. With the launch of WEB3FEST, we aim to establish an annual Web3 event series worldwide.”

A Glimpse into the 6-Day Extravaganza

The festival sets off from September 12th to immerse participants and attendees in a dynamic journey through the diverse themes that define the Web3 realm.

  • NFT ART DAY: The festival’s curtain raiser on September 12th in Zug, will be a comprehensive survey exhibition of the Swiss NFT art scene and the inauguration of the Swiss NFT Timeline.
  • Web3 Gaming and Metaverse: The event’s second day invites attendees to dive into the realm of Web3 gaming and Metaverse projects. Engage with innovators and founders while gaining a deeper understanding of Internet Computer’s role in shaping the future of gaming. This will be followed by a tribute concert to Amy Winehouse combined with an AI-generated experience at the renowned Volkshaus Zurich.
  • Sustainability and Innovation: On the third day, the spotlight shifts to sustainability, and the role of AI and Web3 in building it. The European launch of The Green Block initiative, which underscores the festival’s commitment to sustainability and lines up to the launch of the first The Green Block report leading up to COP28 in the UAE.
  • Deep Dive Crypto Valley: Day four unravels the history of Crypto Valley in Zug with a deep dive into the ecosystem, with a focus on protocols and regulated digital assets businesses, where attendees can connect with the minds behind this vibrant blockchain hub. Engage in discussions with opinion leaders and investors over an exclusive brunch, lunch or dinner that follows.
  • Ecosystem Unconference: Saturday, September 16th is all about connection and collaboration and open to the public to showcase tangible products and experiences. The Ecosystem Unconference, together with the Swiss NFT Association, welcomes forward thinkers from various domains. The Entire FIVE Hotel Zurich will be divided into experience areas focusing on AI, DeFi, Education, Longevity, Sustainability, NFTs, Real world Assets, Gaming and the Metaverse. This day will also witness the unveiling of the FIVE Zurich Metaverse by Pulse World.
  • Curtain Closer: The grand finale of the WEB3FEST will be a Networking Event on Sunday at the FIVE in Zurich. Attendees will have the opportunity to network over brunch and later by the pool, providing a relaxed setting to reflect on the festival, forge new connections, and plan for the year ahead. It’s the perfect ending to a week of innovation and collaboration.

Throughout the entire week, attendees will enjoy exclusive dining experiences, electrifying concerts, performances by international DJs, and abundant chances to connect with fellow members of the Web3 community.

The Swiss WEB3FEST is initiated by Inacta Ventures, Crypto Oasis Ventures, The Crypto Valley Association, Trust Square, co-hosted by The Internet Computer and is supported by the City and Canton of Zug in Switzerland.

Mark your calendars for an unparalleled journey that transcends borders, embraces collaboration, and defines the Web3 era. Registration and detailed event information are available at


The WEB3FEST is a series of events designed to shed light on the core themes of Web3, shaping the future of the internet’s next generation. Covering topics such as AI, Blockchain, Digital Assets, Cryptocurrencies, Gaming, Sustainability, IoT, Metaverse, NFTs, and more, the festival offers a comprehensive platform to foster innovation and advance networking.

About Crypto Valley

Situated in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Crypto Valley is a pioneering ecosystem at the pinnacle of blockchain innovation. This dynamic enclave thrives through collaboration, creating an environment where visionary entrepreneurs, tech enthusiasts, and global leaders come together to reshape industries, challenge norms, and drive the future of technology. Committed to innovation, regulation, education, and responsible growth, Crypto Valley stands as a testament to the transformative power of blockchain technology, marking a new era of digital possibilities. Over 6,000 individuals are already working in more than 1,100 Web3 companies within the Crypto Valley.

About Crypto Oasis

Crypto Oasis is the worldwide fastest growing Blockchain Ecosystem with a focus on MENA. The essential components for its growth are Talent, Capital, and Infrastructure. The Ecosystem’s stakeholders include Investors, Start-Ups & Projects, Corporates, Science & Research Institutions, Service Providers, and Government Bodies & Associations. The vision for Crypto Oasis is to be among the world’s leading Blockchain Ecosystems. Today, it is the world’s fastest-growing Blockchain Ecosystem, with over 1,800+ organizations identified in the UAE alone and more than 8,650 individuals working within it.

About the DFINITY Foundation and the Internet Computer Protocol (ICP)

Founded with a mission to reinvent the internet, Dfinity and its Internet Computer Protocol (ICP) aim to expand the potential of the web. Based in Zurich, Dfinity has revolutionized the blockchain sector, offering decentralized cloud computing capabilities. This pioneering protocol ensures seamless, secure, and scalable solutions, heralding a new era of digital empowerment and innovation.

About NFT Fest Lugano

Europe’s largest NFT event. Experience the decentralized revolution across five days. A venue where culture, entertainment, and technology merge into a unique experience. Featuring 100 speakers, dozens of workshops, and a dedicated business area. Engage in personal meetings with entrepreneurs, managers, investors, developers, and creators. And of course, at the end of each day, there’s a party! This is the NFT Fest in Lugano, where the future is crafted and where boundaries are pushed.

About NFT Lakeside Unconference

The NFT Lakeside Unconference (NLU) is a vibrant gathering for Web3 enthusiasts, entrepreneurs, and newcomers. It aims to connect industries to Web3 technology and onboard new users into the blockchain environment. The event will feature dynamic talks, panels, workshops, and fun booths on a range of topics, from NFT communities to legal alerts and AI debates. Notable NFT projects like Pudgy Penguins and Bored Ape Yacht Club will be present, making it a must-attend event for anyone in the Web3 space.

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Faisal Zaidi
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