Acquiring Xiaoer Qingre Zhike granule, Tianda Pharmaceuticals continues to broaden its product mix and perfect its Chinese medicine whole industry chain layout

HONG KONG, Mar 4, 2021 – (ACN Newswire via – Tianda Pharmaceuticals Limited (“Tianda Pharmaceuticals”, together with its subsidiaries as the “Group”, Stock Code: 455.HK) is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tianda Pharmaceutical (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd., has entered into a Technology Transfer Contract with Heilongjiang Jiren Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. to acquire the latter’s whole technology ownership and all the intellectual rights in Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Granule, National medicine registration approval number: Z20033093). The product will be manufactured in the Group’s new R&D and production base in Jinwan, Zhuhai, which is expected to commence operation within this year.

Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Granule is formed after the addition of Baikal Skullcap Root, Indigowoad Root, and Asiatic Moonseed Rhizome to Ephedra, Apricot Kernel, Licorice and Gypsum Decoction, to give antiviral effect and clear lung heat, which is manifested in its use on Hospital Acquired Pneumonia, Mycoplasma Pneumonia and Bronchiolitis in infant. As a pediatric Chinese medicine for clearing heat and stopping cough, it has a long standing history and has been widely recognized, as well as recommended by Chinese medicine practitioners.

As Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Granule is a complementary product to the Group’s other major pediatric drug, Tuoen (Ibuprofen suspension and drops), this technology transfer will broaden the Group’s product mix, allowing the Group to increase its share in Mainland China’s pediatric drug market. In addition, as a Chinese proprietary herbal medicine, Xiaoer Qingre Zhike Granule further perfects the Group’s Chinese medicine business segment.

Rooted in the Greater Bay Area, Tianda Pharmaceuticals develops Chinese medicine business as its foundation, innovative drugs and medical technologies, as well as quality medical and healthcare services. It is committed to becoming a pharmaceutical enterprise with competitive advantages and core competencies in drug R&D and manufacturing, Chinese medical consultation and treatment, medical technology, and health management. In developing its Chinese medicine business, Tianda Pharmaceuticals adopts a whole chain approach from Chinese medicine practice, Chinese medicinal herbs, to the application of artificial intelligence in Chinese medicine, involving in the supply of Chinese medicinal herbs, production of Chinese medicine decoction slices, establishment of the “Tianda standard” to control the quality of its Chinese medicinal herbs, as well as the founding and operation of the modern Chinese medicine clinic – TDMall. Over the last five years, the Group has developed its whole industry chain layout for the Chinese medicine business segment, with the establishment of a Chinese medicine R&D platform, a new R&D and manufacturing base, and an enlarged sales and operations team. Meanwhile, the Group’s Chinese medicine business segment has continued to improve, with a multi-fold sales revenue increase in the six months ending September 2020 as compared with the corresponding period of the previous year.

“This acquisition represents an important step to the Group’s continued efforts to broaden its product mix and perfect its Chinese medicine whole industry chain layout. The market of pediatric drugs for heat alleviation and cough continues to expand as such drugs are widely recognized and accepted. The Group is confident that by adopting proper distribution, promotion, channels, and pricing strategy, this product will bring important sales contribution to the Group. As a standing policy, the Group seeks rapid business growth organically and inorganically to acquire good products, business, and so on. As Chinese medicine continues to gain attention and importance domestically and internationally, the Group remains optimistic on the development of Chinese medicine in the world. With the support of national policy, the Group will endeavor to become a leading integrated pharmaceutical enterprise by making prudent short, medium and long term planning, ” commented by the spokesperson of the Company.

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